Warminster Hotels

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The English county of Wiltshire has more than its fair share of ancient monuments and spiritual sites, dominated of course by Stonehenge and Salisbury Plain. It is only natural then that the Wiltshire town of Warminster should be defined by ancient hill forts and an impressive array of historic churches.

A very old town of course, dating from Anglo Saxon times, it is from the Middle Ages that its prosperity was assured as a result of the wool trade, and it is from this period that funds were raised to build the most magnificent churches and other structures which characterise the town today. Some Warminster hotels are historic for sure but any will provide a means to spend some time discovering the town and exploring the surrounds.

There are three parish churches in the town, all of which are worth a visit. The minster which gives the town its name dates from the 12th century although all that remains of this period are the central tower, south porch and chancel wall. Later additions have done nothing to diminish its stature.

The other parish churches are Christ Church, situated on a common to the south of the town, and St John's Church on Boreham Road. There is additionally a Baptist Church, a Methodist Church, Roman Catholic Church, and the Chapel of St Lawrence, an independent 'peoples church', with its origins in the 13th century.

It is not all history and worship in the town. The high street is at the heart of a thriving town centre with restaurants , bars, and shops, including two shopping malls. The town centre is also home to many Warminster hotels and while they will often trade on their traditional appeal within an historic setting, they will be well equipped too with modern features for business and leisure.